If you reload do you water test your ammo? Some might ask, How do you water test your ammo? When you are at the range with a chronograph get some data on your ammo. Then fill a magazine with rounds and pour a full bottle of water into the magazine. Let the water drain out and fire that wet ammo through the chronograph. Did the velocity change? Did your brass or primers show any signs of pressure? If even small amounts of water gets in between the case and the chamber walls it can cause additional pressure when the powder goes off. It’s a hydraulic effect. Meaning it takes up space and doesn’t compress. That’s the same reason they use hydraulic fluid in big equipment like forklifts and loaders. Pressures in our chambers are very important and need to remain consistent if you want the gun to run and shoot well. If pressures change the. outcomes can be significant. If your ammo is already loaded hot this can cause problems like pierced primers, unseated primers, case separation which can result in broken firing pins. It can also cause your velocity to change & thus your flight path to change. You can’t always keep water completely off everything. Make sure you leave yourself some cushion. Probably even a good idea with factory ammo.


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