AAR Arena Training Facility Gas Gun match

I just got home from Arena Training Facility in Blakely Georgia.  They hosted a precision gas gun match that was put on by Ash Hess and Jack Leuba.  Both guys know a thing or 2 about precision Gas guns and the guys that shoot em.  Ash & Jack are accomplished shooters themselves.  If you get […]

Purchasing Decisions

I get into a lot of interesting conversations on the internet about guns. I was having one such conversation today where a fellow was adamantly defending a brand that is pretty widely accepted by experts as inferior. As a matter of fact the brand was banned by name & likely still is, from many police […]

Brand Name Gear

One of the most common things I see is people stressing over equipment. The stream of questions and comparisons is never ending. People want to buy skill and ability. Being a solid shooter takes real time and effort. Unfortunately our “want it fast, want it now, want it cheap, want it easy” society struggles to […]

Dunning Krueger-

Dunning Krueger-Cognitive bias. A psychological phenomenon in which people with low skill level believe themselves to posses more skill than they do and highly skilled people often underestimate themselves or more accurately overestimate those you would compare them to. To break it down you have to have a certain level of knowledge to even know how much skill you lack.  […]

Taken with a grain of salt : introduction with “Nobody Special”

The proprietor of this fine internet resource asked me if I would be interested in authoring a blog and then pretty much granted me free reign with little direction. You need some kind of resume to be an author on a gun page right? Yeah, I don’t have much of one but I’ll introduce myself […]