Pro Tip for Long Range Shooters

If there are any in here thinking about getting into rifle competition.
I saw an AAR somewhere that made me think of this. 

I’ve had this card on my rifle nearly 2 years.

Ash Hess talks about shot process, one of the best pieces of advice I have received (thanks Ryan Hey maker of lists) is to develop a stage process.  One of the easier things to change to improve your performance is to minimize the little mental errors and hiccups.

Check your turrets.  Make sure your magnification and parallax are set for first engagement.

Do not have an empty mag or a mag with less rounds than is required for the stage on your person. (You will inevitably grab it if you do)

Find your targets ahead of time, confirm distances. 
(I’ve seen more than one match book be wrong)

A marker you can see with the naked eye to keep you oriented for far targets eliminates a bunch of hunting in a zoomed scope.  (Big time saver)

When dialing or holding multiple ranges always double check your math. 

Little hiccups add up, try to visualize a smooth execution.  You need to have seen it a time or 2 in your head before that buzzer scrambles the eggs.

This is the best advice I can give as a mediocre shooter.  Maybe create your own list, this is just mine & a direct result of mistakes I’ve made.

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